BootstrapNFT Users’ Manual

3 min readOct 10, 2022

BootstrapNFT is currently in the testing phase and supports test networks for several public chains such as Rinkeby, Aurora and Mumbai. As a user, you can log in to BootstrapNFT (, connect your wallet, select the desired test network and receive a sufficient amount of test coins for the following tests.

Users at BootstrapNFT can buy NFTs, exchange cryptocurrencies for NFT fragments, and redeem the corresponding NFTs at the vault for targeted redemption or random redemption.

Meanwhile, when users want to sell NFTs, they can cast NFTs into NFT fragments at BootstrapNFT and then redeem NFT fragments for cryptocurrencies in the startup pool. Or they can directly redeem the NFTs into Opensea for secondary selling.

Step 1: Redeem NFT Fragments

Users can redeem NFT fragments with common cryptocurrencies in the startup pool.

Operation steps

  1. Enter the cryptocurrency contract address, please make sure you enter the correct address. And make sure the relevant asset balance is sufficient.

2. Enter the number of cryptocurrencies you want to put in and click “swap” to redeem the corresponding NFT fragments.

Step 2: Vault Redemption of NFT

Users can redeem the corresponding NFT fragments into NFTs on the vault, either by targeted redemption or random redemption.

Targeted Redemption

Redeem specific NFTs from the vault by paying a targeted redemption fee (usually 5%, 1.05 vTokens).

Select the NFT or quantity (integer) you want to redeem in the vault and approve the contract. Once the approved transaction is confirmed, the required number of NFTs can be redeemed from the vault.

Random Redemptions

Enter the amount (integer) you want to redeem and approve the contract at no cost. Once the approval transaction is confirmed, you can redeem the desired number of NFTs from the vault.

Step 3: Minting NFT fragments

Users can cast the corresponding NFTs into NFT fragments on their NFT collection.

Select a vault and select the same series of NFTs in the wallet (either singly or multiple NFTs together) to mint into the vault and convert to vToken. Tips: Vaults are usually floor price and minting higher-value NFTs will provide the same results as the lower-value NFTs in the collection.

Click the “mint” button to generate a vToken. Each NFT will return a vToken, minus the minting fee (5%).

Step 4: Exchange NFT fragments for cryptocurrencies

The user converts NFT fragments to assets in the startup pool.

Enter the contract address, please make sure you enter the correct address.

Enter a reasonable amount at a suitable price. Click “Exchange”.

Congratulations on successfully buying the NFTs auctioned on the platform and completing the transaction. If you encounter any problems while testing, need help, or want to suggest better ideas for the project, you can join our Telegram ( to get in touch with us.




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