Welcome to the BootstrapNFT documentation.

BootstrapNFT is an NFT liquidity auction platform, establishing a liquidity market for NFT projects and conducting a "Dutch auction" (the auction price decreases in order from high to low), which enables healthy and stable price discovery of NFT assets.

Any issuer with an NFT can build a vault and mint a fungible ERC20 token (vToken). After the NFT fragmentation, the issuer can establish a liquidity startup pool and set the weight of the custom liquidity pool, which can be either linear or exponential, so as to adjust the value of the token and prevent the new NFT prices from skyrocketing caused by early speculation.

The BootstrapNFT project attempts to solve the chaos in the NFT market such as opaque pricing and robot preemption, so that people would have enough opportunities to participate in transactions at fair prices.

$BSN is BootstrapNFT’s governance token, providing liquidity to different BootstrapNFT token pairs.

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